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Planet Comicon, March 20-22, Kansas City MO, Bartle Hall

Visioncon 2020, May 1-3, Springfield MO, Expo Center

ConQuesT 51, May 22-24, Kansas City MO, Sheraton Crown Center Hotel

Crypticon 2020, August 28-30, Kansas City MO, KCI Expo Center

Arkansas Comic Con, September 12-13, Little Rock AR, Statehouse Center

Archon 2020, October 2-4, Collinsville IL, Gateway Convention Center


These are the events I have scheduled so far. More to come!

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Author Dennis Young

Working on The Ardwellian Chronicles

When your only option is to write, you write. Worked wonderfully for J. K. Rowling, didn't it?

But that's not my story (pun intended).

I worked a normal job all my life, from high school to my retirement in 2015. In 2005 I began writing what likely turned out to be my Magnum Opus: The Ardwellian Chronicles epic fantasy adventure series. For thirteen years I wrote Ardwel; it’s peoples, places, and saga. Now, the Saga is Complete. And I’m writing… other things.

What other things, you ask? Well, I’ve read Science Fiction since I was in the third grade. I enjoy a mystery from time to time. I don’t read horror, but I can write a pretty good tale of horror. Or dystopia. And I’m a First- Generation Trekker.

So at the moment, I’m writing… SF, Military and other types… a bit of horror… some mysteries… and for fun, I write Trek fan-fiction.

I’m also an editor, and specialize in working with new writers, because we were all new writers once. Sometimes it’s good to get back to your roots and give someone else a hand.

So have a seat, a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever your favorite libation is, and look around. Drop me a note if you have questions or comments about any of the above subjects. I enjoy discourse with readers and writers and editors. The world is a stage, as the saying goes, and I build my own worlds to populate with characters from my imagination. Maybe you’ll see a bit of yourself in some of them.

Because we’re all characters in someone’s story, aren’t we?

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