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Mild language, Fantasy violence, and some adult situations.
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Sheynon Calidriil, elven wanderer and thief. Shipwrecked on an island south of the land of Ardwel with three strangers, and no way home. Yet legends are born in strange ways, and the saga of Calidriil is about to begin.
How many will suffer the consequences?

Thus begins The Ardwellian Chronicles, a six-novel Epic Fantasy saga of adventure, intrigue, and the struggle for control between Order and Chaos in the land of elves and men.


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Strong language, military violence, and adult situations. Reader discretion advised.
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Gritty, hard-nosed, and fast-paced, The Mercenary Trilogy is an exciting blend of Science Fiction, military action, and loyalties so strong you can almost taste them. Great for fans of strong female characters, hard-hitting combat, and a bit of intrigue.

A story of innocence lost, survival, and finding a reason to move on, when everything you love is gone, and your life becomes a living horror story.

Mild language, Science Fiction violence, and some adult situations.
A rousing Science Fiction adventure series in the tradition of some of the best-known SF in the world, The Earthfleet Saga takes readers to far-flung planets in the distant corners of the galaxy. With eye-opening discoveries, not-so-nice adversaries, and the trials of shipboard duties far from home, The Earthfleet Saga harkens back to the days when Science Fiction was not just about laser battles and explosions, but adventure and exploration.
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