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When your only option is to write, you write. Worked wonderfully for J. K. Rowling, didn't it?

But that's not my story (pun intended).

I worked a normal job all my life, from high school to my retirement in 2015. In 2005 I began writing what likely turned out to be my Magnum Opus: The Ardwellian Chronicles epic fantasy adventure series. For thirteen years I wrote Ardwel; it’s peoples, places, and saga. Now, the Saga is Complete. And I’m writing… other things. What other things, you ask? Well, I’ve read Science Fiction since I was in the third grade. I enjoy a mystery from time to time. I don’t read horror, but I can write a pretty good tale of horror. Or dystopia. And I’m a First- Generation Trekker.

With my current collections of Epic Fantasy, Military SF, SF Adventure, and Vampire Urban Fantasy, I'm always on the lookout for a new project or topic. I don't like to do the same type of stories over and over, and I'm certainly not adverse to researching a new genre. After all, learning new things is a good way to give your brain a workout and put that information to use in a good story.

I also specialize in working with new writers, because we were all new at this once. Sometimes it’s good to get back to your roots and give someone else a hand.

So have a seat, a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever your favorite libation is, and look around. Drop me a note if you have questions or comments about any of the above subjects. I enjoy discourse with readers and writers and editors. The world is a stage, as the saying goes, and I build my own worlds to populate with characters from my imagination. Maybe you’ll see a bit of yourself in some of them.

Because we’re all characters in someone’s story, aren’t we?

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