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Sheynon Calidriil, elven wanderer and thief. Shipwrecked on an island south of the land of Ardwel with three strangers, and no way home. Yet legends are born in strange ways, and the saga of Calidriil is about to begin.

How many will suffer the consequences?

Thus begins The Ardwellian Chronicles, a six-novel Epic Fantasy saga of adventure, intrigue, and the struggle for control between Order and Chaos in the land of elves and men.


With the families Calidriil, Lahai, and Vincent, and a growing collection of allies and adversaries, to say nothing of the Dark Elves in Ung'gu'wi, deep beneath the Black Forest, how will Sheynon, a simple elf holding allegiance to no one, survive?

Who is Shiva Lahi, Priest of the Rising Star?

Or Culwenril, the half-elf maiden holding secrets of her own?

What of Quendi Aēgnore and Elindili, Elven Champions?

What is the true agenda of Kaanan, the priestess who becomes a goddess?

Audrey Vincent, Champion from Stormguarde Castle in the north?

Coronis, the "emperor", in The Other Place and Time?

Kaul, the Brute, who battles an entire land to win a city?

Reena, the escaped concubine, or Mor'i'jil and Alystin, Dark Elf clergy?

And Archane, the Dark Princess, leader of the Drow?

The Ardwellian Chronicles are suitable for YA readers and older.

Mild language, Fantasy violence, and some adult situations.

Check out all the details and order The Ardwellian Chronicles at the full website at www.ardwel.com.
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