Ideas and concepts come along just about any time. I'v a very visual person, inspired by art and images I run across every day. It might be the sixty-foot oak tree in my front yard, or images from the news, or art I see during an online browsing session. Regardless, those images can spark a story idea. Some I'm working on seriously, others are just, well, concepts. Currently none of them are more than a stand-alone, but occasionally, when I start writing, I find there's more to the story than one book can tell.
Here is my current collection, from the most serious to the least. Those at the top of the list are in development, the others might never see the light of day other than a cover idea. But that's why they're called "Concepts", right?

Her name is Julie. She’s sixteen. She’s a vampire.

Julie’s story began in 1944, the night she was made, and continued for seventy-six years.

A vampire, sixteen forever. But also a hunter. A hunter of other vampires.

The Hounds are her pets. Her servants. Her protectors.

But the Hounds are not vampires. They're demons.

Yes, sixteen year old Julie, the vampire-hunting vampire, struck a deal with the devil.

And now she hunts the one who made her.

BLOODLINES is in full development, with a publication date of 2020. This will be a novel of approximately 100,000 words.

She was the only hope for the world.

But her enemies knew her too well...

ADIEU is a concept work about a fairy princess taking on the malevolent forces of the forest. Currently in mid-level development, and I haven't decided if it's a short story or a novella (about 45,000 words).

This is NOT a bedtime story for kids.

ADIEU has a tentative publication date of 2020.

Other stuff kicking around in my head.
Cat tales... so to speak.
Not your normal
good time girl.
Fun and games with the landing party.
An Angel shorn
of her wings.
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