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Bloodlines February 2021 with VAN HELSIN

Her name is Julie.

She’s sixteen.

She’s a vampire.

Julie’s story began in 1944, the night she was made,

and continued for seventy-six years.

A vampire, sixteen forever.

But also a hunter. A hunter of other vampires.

The Hounds are her pets. Her servants. Her protectors.

But the Hounds are not vampires. They're demons.

Yes, sixteen year old Julie, the vampire-hunting vampire,

made a deal with the devil.

And now she hunts the one who made her.


A story of innocence lost, survival, and finding a reason to move on,
when everything you love is gone, and your life becomes a living horror story.

Bloodlines is suitable for YA readers and older.

Mild language, Military and Fantasy violence, and some adult situations.

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