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Bloodlines February 2021 with VAN HELSIN

Her name is Julie.

She’s sixteen.

She’s a vampire.

Julie’s story began in 1944, the night she was made,

and continued for seventy-six years.

A vampire, sixteen forever.

But also a hunter. A hunter of other vampires.

The Hounds are her pets. Her servants. Her protectors.

But the Hounds are not vampires. They're demons.

Yes, sixteen year old Julie, the vampire-hunting vampire,

made a deal with the devil.

And now she hunts the one who made her.

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For seventy-six years, Julie survived wars and social changes, societal upheavals, religious conflicts, and the Great Recession. Now she faces something even more horrifying.

Who is kidnapping pregnant young girls? Why would they kidnap Julie? A vampire army? Secret military research? A war ready to be launched?

How did someone from Julie’s past survive all these years, after gaining “life eternal” from Vincent?

Where are the Hounds, Julie’s life-long protectors and companions?

And finally: what in the world was Julie thinking, getting mixed up in all of this?

The Thrilling Followup Story to BLOODLINES!

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A story of innocence lost, survival, and finding a reason to move on,
when everything you love is gone, and your life becomes a living horror story.

BLOODLINES and JULIE are suitable for YA readers and older.

Mild language, Military and Fantasy violence, and some adult situations.

Copyright © Dennis Young 2022